Minimalist Magnetic Hourglass

Minimalist Magnetic Hourglass

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Step away from the chaos for less than a minute with this mesmerizing twist on the hourglass. Filled with iron filings instead of sand, the Minimalist Magnetic Hourglass has a rare earth magnet in its base which inexorably draws the filings toward it. They create formations almost like stalagmites, a kinetic sculptural performance you can enjoy for hours - 30 seconds at a time.

Features and benefits:

  • Fun and creative reinvention of the traditional sand hourglass
  • Complete timing cycle lasts 60 seconds
  • Sand is replaced with magnetic iron filings that form interesting, artistic patterns
  • Includes magnetic stand that hold the glass vile in place
  • Mesmerizing - we should warn you that you may find yourself watching it for hours

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